We offer complete on-stop solutions for sales / training / recruitment and offer.

Xtended is for those who want to differ from the norm and refine or simply supplement and streamline their business the same. Xtended can take over, complement and activate for example, an entity, a function or part of the function, a department, or other processes in your organization and business. This can, for example, involve training processes, sales terminals in-store, customer service, service station or administrative solutions.

We take full responsibility and act as leading employer of the function and ensure that the right people with the right skills are running the show. We secure and within the terms of the agreement also provide recruitment and training sessions.

Whether you need an a sales team, sales station in your store or even thirty people for a stadium event. Xtended puts a focus on sales and service functions as well as project management and training. We offer both long- and short term solutions.

All of our personnel undergoes Xtended’s various certification and sales training, have high-level social skills and an eagerness to learn. We recruit the majority of our staff via colleges and universities all across the country and are actively working to train, coach and placing the right resource on the right assignment.


We’d be honored to meet you for an initial briefing

At Xtended we have experienced recruiters with many years’ experience. We always starts with a brief to find out your business objectives. Once we’ve met and agreed on a plan of action, we involve a project manager who will take responsibility for the project and be your point of contact throughout the process. All so that we can find the right personnel for your activity or service.

Recruitment and staffing assignment

Based on your requirements and timetable we look at developing a team to man your activity. We search until we find exactly the right person/people and schedule them for your assignment. We never hire personnel without having interviewed and met them face-to-face. For longer assignments, we present you with a few candidates that you meet before we hire them for the assignment to ensure they meet your requirements.

Training and coaching is our thing

We always ensure that our staff has been given the appropriate training to carry out the assignment. Through our Academy and training process, we can ensure quality and the right conditions to carry out the assignment in the best way possible. We continue our coaching continuously throughout the assignment to maintain focus and ensure we continue on the path the achieving our common assignment goals.

Carrying out the Assignment

During the activity itself we are always available to both our customers and our staff, even during evenings and weekends. This way, we can take care of last minute roadblocks, such as finding a replacement for personnel that calls in sick.

Personnel monitoring and time reporting.

We require all staff to log their hours in our web-based time reporting system. We always double check the time sheets prior to billing our clients. This avoids any possible errors and avoids unnecessary administrative burden for both you and us.

Assignment evaluation and feedback

We always follow up our assignments by evaluating the staff, the assignment itself and general client feedback. In addition, we often get valuable feedback from your consumers through personal interaction - information that is important that we pass on to you. Monitoring and feedback can be done either through daily reports or by a post-assignment evaluation meeting.







The core of our business consists of the ability to see our client´s needs and develop creative solutions based on the costumer´s business objectives. For us, an event is a personal meeting where the goal is to create unique experiences, increased sales and build a brand. We are a full service agency with expertise in all areas and unique Brand Experience. Through the years, our event staffing has been so valued by our clients that we have a separate Staffing department as a result! We not only contract out our personnel to various events, but also to restaurants, stores, administrative positions and pure B2B sales associated assignments. Being a part of the SBX Group allows us to have a strong position in the industry. 


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