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Xtended offer events and experiences in many ways. Kick offs, conferences, mingling, team building, escapades, theme parties, trips, client meetings and company launches to name a few. Big or small, we take full responsibility for everything including themes, activities and booking of entertainment to lodging, travel and dinners. It’s about finding the key in every opportunity and creating an event that leaves a mark. Our expertise and creativity should always exceed your expectations.


We build your team stronger by putting together challenging and stimulating events, lectures and team building exercises. We take care of all parts and your Kick Off or conference both within and outside of Sweden.

We understand that it’s all about managing communicative marketing to enable your message to reach a broad spectrum and show results from the meeting. We provide a creative team to help create fun and customized environments and themes. We believe that a traditional conference room is not always the best place to host a meeting that creates the appropriate mood. Our talented team of art directors will also be made available to assist with your presentation materials.  ‘



Nowadays we want to experience things and have a lot of different types of motivation. We develop and adapt experiences and incentives for your company and team. Everything we’ve ever done in the past, we can do again and what we haven’t yet done, we will find a way to do.


With conventions and roadshows it’s all about attracting an audience with an attractive exhibit/environment for a personal interaction. We build solutions and concepts for your convention/trade show and moreover, we can staff with skilled personnel. We even take care of hotel reservations and travel for customers and staff.



We have great experience in creating celebratory engagements for parties of 5-5000 people. We develop a theme, design invitations, arrange guest lists, book entertainment, deliver technology and have our own in-house catering with our very own star chef, Stefan Karlsson.



The core of our business consists of the ability to see our client´s needs and develop creative solutions based on the costumer´s business objectives. For us, an event is a personal meeting where the goal is to create unique experiences, increased sales and build a brand. We are a full service agency with expertise in all areas and unique Brand Experience. Through the years, our event staffing has been so valued by our clients that we have a separate Staffing department as a result! We not only contract out our personnel to various events, but also to restaurants, stores, administrative positions and pure B2B sales associated assignments. Being a part of the SBX Group allows us to have a strong position in the industry. 


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