Sales driven activation

We believe that an activation must be measurable and demonstrate measurable results. With sales driven activation we believe in combining sales, branding and experiences. We create an environment for dialogue leading to sales in the form of purchasing of products or services or brand acceptance. Xtended is rather unique because we carry out all activations with our own sales trained staff. This has led to a tremendous experience and knowledge of successful activations. Xtended in stores, at conventions, in galleries or in other event environments. Our process is carried out through strategy, idea development, sales and product training, project management and real-time coaching through monitoring and follow-up.


Increase your sales - expose your brand in an explosive and creative way. Xtended has gained extensive experience when it comes to sales driven events. With our experience in sales events, we can create successful marketing activities, whether it’s in stores, at exhibitions, at conventions or in any other environment. This is done through strategy, production of winning ideas, sales- and product training, project management, active coaching, analysis and monitoring. Our priority is to ensure our clients objectives are met by developing creative solutions and implementing them with the help of our competent and dedicated staff.


Product samples or printed marketing placed in the hands of your cliental! We carry out sampling missions with a strong focus on the results - whether it be demonstrating a product, inviting consumers to try the sample or distributing flyers around the city. We work hard on delivering measurable results to demonstrate the value of the sampling activity. We know what it takes and man our mission with well-trained staff who are all committed and eager. Let us be ambassadors for your brand.


Action Marketing will build your brand, drive sales and deliver rapid results. It's about creating interesting themes and messages that highlight the added value of communication near the point of sale. With Action Marketing we communicate with all of our senses and can change behavior, increase sales and strengthen brands. The three main building blocks of action marketing are: - An Appealing Promise - Simplicity and Transparency – Consumer Offers. Our specialists will help you from concept to consumer offer.


Visual Merchandising....


The core of our business consists of the ability to see our client´s needs and develop creative solutions based on the costumer´s business objectives. For us, an event is a personal meeting where the goal is to create unique experiences, increased sales and build a brand. We are a full service agency with expertise in all areas and unique Brand Experience. Through the years, our event staffing has been so valued by our clients that we have a separate Staffing department as a result! We not only contract out our personnel to various events, but also to restaurants, stores, administrative positions and pure B2B sales associated assignments. Being a part of the SBX Group allows us to have a strong position in the industry. 


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